Let’s get personal!

When you work with California Fitness Personal Trainers, you'll benefit from a personal fitness training program that's custom-built with your goals in mind. They know exactly what it takes to achieve your individual goals in the fastest, safest way possible, from devising a balanced nutritional regimen up to a customized fitness training program to get you the results you want, whether it is to slim down, bulk up, de-stress or improve fitness levels.

FIT Start

Your FIT Start training session, with one of our fitness professionals, is one of the most effective ways of getting started on the right track towards achieving your fitness goals. The FIT Start program includes introduction to the resistance training equipment, providing a basis upon which to build a personalized fitness program. To attend your FIT Start program, simply check-in at the reception. If you have not booked a FIT Start training session yet, please call your preferred club and make an appointment today!