California Fitness Yoga & Mind Body classes bring together East and West to help you relax, de-stress, improve posture, coordination, mental focus and of course burn calories. Our Yoga & Mind Body classes can also help you develop core strength and body alignment and improve flexibility and balance.

Typically, our Yoga & Mind Body classes burn about 250 – 400 calories per class.

  Level Description
Hatha Yoga
Practicing Yoga poses and controlled breathing balance both body and mind. You will gain new found poise, balance and strength. A great way to recharge and relax. Varied level classes are available.
Breathing & Meditation
Classes begin with gentle postures to prepare for sitting meditation. Students are guided through meditation practices to relieve stress, refresh the nervous system and develop meditative calmness.
Pilates Mat
A mat-work class taught according to the principles of Pilates. This gentle but effective exercise strengthens your core muscles.
Let this ancient Chinese art of flowing movements and mental focus improve your overall physical coordination, balance and mind and body awareness.