We call our group exercise classes Group X®. California Fitness was the first to bring group exercise to Hong Kong, and over a decade later, we're still the best! Nobody has a more diverse range of Group X classes in Hong Kong which is constantly updated and shaped by our team of international instructors.

Classes are designed to help you reach your own personal fitness goals in a fun and energizing environment.

Working out is never boring with Group X! Whether you're looking for a general exercise class, cardio training or something much more specific (like cycling, yoga or Tai Chi), chances are you'll find what you're looking for right here. Interested? Call us now or leave us a message.

Class Levels

  Level 1 class is usually an introductory or orientation class for participants who have little experience in the class type they are about to attend.
  Level 2 classes are suitable for participants with considerable experience in the class type.
  Level 3 classes are suited those who need the extra challenge. A firm grip on choreography is essential as the pace moves faster.
  Level 4 classes are strictly for the experienced. The pace will be quicker and the choreography more complex.
  Multi-Level class is one which is suitable for all fitness and co-ordination levels. This means that it is a class that you can work in your own pace according your fitness level and goal.